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Villa At Lake Como     ( Paintings )
Of all the many breathtaking sites along Lake Como in Northern Italy, from Villa Carlotta to Bellagio to a multitude of spectacular private ...
After The Storm     ( Paintings )
Only a few lingering clouds and diminishing winds remain from the violent storm of the night before. As the sun makes it's first appearance ...
Ketchikan's Creek Street     ( Paintings )
"Ketchikan's Creek Street" – Although overflowing with tourist attractions, the historic past and natural beauty of  "Alaska's First City" ...
Backcountry     ( Paintings )
In this remote, undeveloped, isolated region of nature, we are positioned where the downhill flow of the river ends and it is transformed ...
Frontier Spring     ( Paintings )
"Frontier Spring" To me, depicts the best of the unspoiled wilderness of Alaska and the Yukon Territory.  It is a compilation of the many ...
Lazy River     ( Paintings )
As the haze is slowly burned off by the bright, early morning sun, the vivid shades of color in the forest are revealed. The winding river ...
Gateway To The Alps     ( Paintings )
What a pleasant surprise this charming little town in the heart of Switzerland turned out to be. Just a rest stop along the highway ...
" Kodiak"     ( Paintings )
"Kodiak" is the sixth in my "Allure of Alaska" series. The mighty Kodiak Bears are commonly believed to be the largest bear species in the ...
Seasons Of The Great Land     ( Paintings )
The idea for this work was not taken altogether  from a single photo, but rather from my experience. Only a few short months earlier, ...
From The Castle Window     ( Other Art )
Perhaps the most breathtakingly  beautiful country that I have ever seen was traveling between Innsbruck, Austria into the mountains of ...
Above The Gorge     ( Paintings )
As the snow melts on the mountaintops, the many tributaries feeding the river at the bottom of the gorge come to life.  In this depiction, ...
Village Sanctuary     ( Paintings )
The model for the focal point of my painting was the beautiful five hundred years old Church in Ramsau, Berchtesgadener Land, Bavaria, ...
Sunrise South     ( Paintings )
All of the conditions are right on this particular morning that make the effort required for the experience well worth it.  The morning ...
Horizon Daybreak     ( Paintings )
In a matter of minutes, the soft glow of the moon is replaced with an explosion of vivid color and light as the sun makes it's first ...
A Walk In The Park     ( Paintings )
"A Walk in the Park" is a tribute to the leaders of the great cities in the United States and around the world who, many years ago, had the ...
Hidden Treasure     ( Paintings )
Anyone traveling by boat down the river would most likely miss this charming spot in a secluded little cove just off the main body of ...
Pioneer Living     ( Paintings )
Almost every day began and ended the same way for the pioneer family. When the rising sun moved across the fields and first touched the ...
Lake Enchantment     ( Paintings )
While planning and working on this painting, I envisioned being on a nature trail, several hundred feet above the water level, that ...
Solitary Man     ( Paintings )
End of another day for the solitary man. A man of faith and stability who, contrary to human tendency, made the choice to live alone with ...
Lost Lagoon     ( Paintings )
Lost Lagoon' is inspired by many visits to tropical locations throughout the Caribbean and the Pacific over the years. The painting does ...
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